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Statement Apparel and Promotional Marketing was founded in 2001 by two individuals who between them have over 40 years experience in the industry. An abundance of this experience is in the decorated apparel industry making the ties with apparel particularly strong. The mission of Statement Apparel and Promotional Marketing is to provide you, the client, with the widest range of quality goods at reasonable prices with uncompromising customer service. To do this, we have implemented a multi-step process.

On the factory floor
  1. All representatives are trained to search for and find exactly what you want.

  2. Everything we provide must pass through a 6-point quality assurance process before it goes to the customer.

  3. We work with only those vendors whose reputation for quality in the industry is excellent.

  4. Swift Turnaround – our streamlined system gets things in and out in 7 to 10 business days.

A training session
We provide the training and resources necessary to ensure that each representative can find what you want. We take the time and effort to ensure that each representative can and will find exactly what you are looking for. With over 700,000 promotional items available (pens, mugs, potholders, awards and everything in between), there is a lot to choose from and we will do the research to narrow down the search and locate the item for you.
Quality Assurance
For all apparel items that go through our factory, we have a 6 point quality assurance process to ensure that you get exactly what you want the way you want it. In addition, for those items not manufactured directly by Statement Apparel, we work with vendors who have a similar quality assurance process.

Hand stitching a hat
Our reputation throughout the industry is excellent, and we intend to keep it that way. We will never do anything that will harm that reputation for quality and honesty. That means that you will get what you want every time – high quality at a fair price and in a reasonable amount of time. Also, we only work with vendors we can trust and who also have excellent reputations in the industry so you are never disappointed.
Because we have a high-volume factory and deal with the same, we can offer fast turnaround times on your orders, usually 7 to 10 business days. Some processes naturally take longer, but for all apparel orders and most promotional item orders, you can count on 7 to 10 business days from Statement Apparel.

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